The site is about building and then living the life you want.

Work defines us. It feeds us. Sometimes our jobs are rewarding and sometimes they stifle us. Sometimes it’s fulfilling and sometimes it’s just a pay check. We believe that since work is such a key part of our lives that is should be more than just a necessity. We believe that work should be about living the BEST LIFE. The life we would choose every time.

This site is dedicated to the pursuit of “Alternative Careers“. The J-O-B we love to get to every day.

We are fortunate. We live in a time where the Internet and global reach it provides brings OPPORTUNITY to our doors. It is an amazing time. There are simply so many ways to make money and create a lifestyle that we love.

This website is all about exploring and creating a great lifestyle. Our goal is to help people END THE JOB and instead create the BEST LIFE possible.

Join us.

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